10 Native Australian Flowers and Their Symbolism

Australia is home to a wide species of flowers, some very common and others rare. Australian flowers are used for ornamental purposes to beautify or enhance the aesthetics of an environment, for scent and fragrances, and for medicinal purposes.

While Australian flowers have symbolic implications. Depending on which flower is being presented, a message can be welcoming, happy, sad, or can even imply conflict or disagreement. If you’re looking for Australian flowers that symbolize new beginnings in a relationship, prosperity, luck, or romance, then here are 10 of the most popular Australian-native flowers to consider.

The Golden Wattle

golden wattle

Golden Wattle which is more recognized as “acacia” is an Australian native flower that grows anywhere around this island continent. It belongs to the shrub family of plants. It grows much slower than other flowering shrubs and its profuse and fragrant flowers blossom in the later days of spring and winter.

The Golden Wattle is native to Australia. It is considered the national floral emblem in many parts of the country because of its benefits. This flower symbolizes the pureness of the soul according to ancient times and is usually presented in times of childbirth to welcome the new soul. Today, it is also used to welcome guests and tourists in the country as it is a national floral emblem.

Flannel Flower

flannel flower

Next on our list of Australian native flowers is the Flannel flower (Actinotus Helianthi). This flower is a perennial shrub with green stems that can be a bit challenging to grow because of its sensitivity to its environment. It blossoms with white velvety flowers around spring and summer.

Seeing that this flower is hard to grow in harsh environments and conditions, its flower symbolizes endurance and resilience. This flower is a great present for people who want to cherish their long relationship and also for those who are seeking forgiveness.

Eucalyptus Flower

eucalyptus flower

The eucalyptus tree is a well-celebrated tree all over the world. It is native to Australia and has a plethora of benefits and uses. It blossoms with a bright white flower and the eucalyptus tree can grow to heights of 180 feet and age for more than 2 centuries.

The eucalyptus flower with its majestic tree is seen as a symbol of new birth as well as the division of heaven, earth, and the underworld. While this flower is a great present for new beginnings, it is also given in courtship as it represents strong love and passion like the majestic eucalyptus tree.

Lantana Flower

lantana flower

The Lantana flower is a small flower found not only in Australia but in many parts of the world. It is a perennial shrub that grows to heights of 5 feet. Its distinct characteristic is its array of playful colors that include pink, yellow, orange, red, and darker as well as lighter shades of the mentioned colors. These arrays of colors attract many pollinators which make other neighboring plants and flowers well-pollinated.

The Lantana flower symbolizes rigor as well as rigidity which is associated with masculinity and the element of fire. This flower is an excellent present for gentlemen, especially when paired with other flowers having vibrant or strong colors.

Kangaroo Paw

kangaroo paw

The Australian native Kangaroo paw flower as its name suggests is a flower that looks like the paw of a kangaroo. Its main distinction is its bright red stem and thick green foliage. Also regarded as a floral emblem of Western Australia and is among the many flowers that have no scent.

A popular symbol of this flower is individuality or uniqueness due to its distinct characteristics that set it apart from other flowers. When paired with other flowers, this flower conveys a strong bond as well as the uniqueness of love or friendship.


grevillea flower

The Grevillea or commonly known as the spider flower is another well-loved Australian native tree because of its captivating beauty and vibrant colors ranging from red to pink, and white. It has more than 360 species in Australia alone and more globally. It can reach heights of about 20 feet to 60 feet depending on weather conditions.

With its vibrance and resilience against harsh weather conditions, the Grevillea flower symbolizes love, faith, as well as endurance or toughness. With its range of colors, it is an excellent present for events such as birthdays, weddings, valentines, and other celebrations.

Billy Buttons

billy buttons

One peculiar Australian native flower is the Billy button flower with its globose head made up of golden flowers. Unlike other plants, its beauty lies in its dried form when its color is at its most vibrant. Just like the other flowers in this list, Billy buttons don’t have a strong floral scent, but it’s loved for their elegance.

Billy buttons symbolize good health and the value of a specific person in one’s life. Giving this flower to a person means they are special and that the sender wishes good health to the receiver.



Next on our list is the Strawflower or commonly called an ‘everlasting flower’ because of its long-lasting beauty. Its unique feature is its thin paper-like bracts or petals that come in a variety of colors.

Since its beauty lasts longer than other flowers, it is used to represent longevity or immortality. Presenting this flower to someone means that the receiver will never be forgotten or admired for their long life.


bottle brush

Another unique Australian native flower is the Bottlebrush flower. As its name suggests, this flower resembles a bottle brush that is used to clean bottles. Its trees can grow to heights of 6 to 7 meters and the colors come in bright red or yellow color.

Bottlebrush flowers symbolize the harmonious laughter of kookaburras. It’s ideal to celebrate birth, new relationships, and new beginnings.


waratah flower

The Waratah flower came from the word “warada” which means beautiful red tree or seen from afar. This Australian native flower symbolizes courage, healing, and strength. This flower is an excellent gift when you’re looking to express your wish for good health, encouragement, and strength to the receiver.

Wrapping Up

Flowers indeed can express many things such as the feelings of the sender toward the receiver. The Australian native flowers listed here are unique in their way of symbolizing messages of love and goodwill. Understanding what each flower represents will allow you to make the right choices in a confident way.