20 Good-Luck Plants – To Brighten Up Your Home

Do you know that the four-leaf clover isn’t the only symbol of luck? There are many other plants that are believed to attract love, happiness, prosperity, and overall good luck into your home.

Different mythologies consider different plants as depicting good luck. Let’s take a look at the 8 best indoor and 12 best outdoor plants that are believed to bring good luck to your home and garden.

How to Choose a Good-Luck Plant

When choosing good luck plants, there are some guidelines to be mindful of and it is important to follow them. It is believed that if these guidelines are not adhered to, then the plants will n not effectively bring in good luck and fortune.

  • When choosing plants for mere decoration, pick the plants that have rounded, smooth-edged leaves, or leaves in clusters.
  • Select plants that bear flowers.
  • Always plant as many plants as per your capacity to look after. Specific plants have specific maintenance needs, so always bear this in mind while getting new plants.
  • Choose air-purifying plants.
  • Have indoor plants in pairs, this goes for homes and workspaces.
  • Dead plants cause energy stagnation, so always remove them. And trim the live plants to get rid of dead leaves and branches.
  • Avoid thorny or spiky plants, as these are considered to repel success and wealth.

8 Good Luck Indoor Plants

If you love to have houseplants to add that exotic touch of greenery and nature to your home, why not go with plants that bring good luck to your home? With these 8 easy-to-grow, good-luck plant choices, you probably won’t even have to get your hands dirty.

Moth Orchid

moth orchid

Moths are known to symbolize good luck and moth orchids resemble moths in appearance, so they are used as indoor plants in many business centers to bring luck and prosperity. These like to grow in a shady place with a small amount of sunlight.

Orchids in general are a symbol of good luck, happiness, and prosperity, and are associated with romance, femininity, and fertility. Usually, the bedroom space is not decorated with plants, as they take in a lot of energy. But orchids are among the few plants that are chosen for bedrooms to improve marital relationships.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

Bamboo is generally considered a lucky plant in different mythologies. But the amount of luck it will bring depends on the number of stalks in the plant. Numbers are associated with meanings so having a particular number of stalks would signify the following:

  • 3 stalks: long life, wealth, and happiness
  • 5 stalks: wealth
  • 6 stalks: good luck
  • 7 stalks: well-being
  • 8 stalks: growth
  • 10 stalks: achievements

Having 4 stalks is considered an unlucky sign, so it would be a good idea to avoid bamboo with 4 stalks. Enduring health and immense wealth are associated with the number 21.

Lucky bamboo looks like bamboo grass, with soft sprouts of leaves and thin stalks. Being an easy-to-grow plant, lucky bamboo needs filtered sunlight and partial shade to grow.

You can also grow Lucky bamboo in water, but make sure to change the water from time to time to stop any bacteria from growing and foul smells from developing.

Philodendron Plant


The leaves of this plant resemble how fire moves through spaces, and this plant is believed to light up the dull and low areas of homes and offices.



Palms have soft leaves that grow in all directions which symbolize drawing in positive energy from all around them and neutralizing any negative energies present around them. They purify the air and are thought to bring harmony and balance to the indoor spaces in that they are grown in.

Money Tree

money tree

As the name indicates, this plant is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and lucky energy to the grower. Like the myths surrounding lucky bamboo, the number of stalks of a money tree also indicates whether it will be lucky or unlucky. If it has 3 or 5 braided plants, then it is considered lucky, but having 4 money trees braided with each other is a sign of back luck.

The fluttery, soft, ovate leaves and sturdy, brown stems grow best when planted in bright, filtered sunlight. Water the plant regularly, but don’t let the soil become soggy.

Hawaiian Ti Plant

hawaiian ti plant

The Hawaiian Ti plant is believed to attract good fortune for all the inhabitants. Having a couple of Ti stalks in a single pot is believed to bring in double the love and luck.

Peace Lily

peace lily

Being air purifiers, peace lilies symbolize good luck and harmony. With their soft white blossoms and green flowing leaves, these plants are thought to convert negative energies around them into positive energies.

Jade Plant

jade plant

The round, coin-shaped leaves of the jade plant symbolize wealth, good luck, prosperity, good fortune, and success. This is the reason why people put this plant in their homes, offices, and newly opened stores.

12 Lucky Outdoor Plants

What about good luck plants for your outdoor spaces?  Here are 12 popular good luck plants to grow outdoors to attract positive energy and good fortune.



Burning sage leaves is believed to repel evil spirits. So why not grow a sage plant and add these if you have a fire pit every now and then?


peony plant

This plant is named after the Greek physician of the gods as it is believed to bring good health, fortune, and prosperity to the growers. It was also used as a medicine and grown for good luck.



Different mythologies consider the oak tree to be sacred. Furthermore, this tree can live for generations, so you can grow it for your children and grandchildren to enjoy the prosperity and good fortune it is thought to bring.

Citrus Trees

citrus trees

Every fruit-bearing tree is considered lucky and prosperous. Citrus trees, including lime, orange, grapefruit, and lemon are believed to bring wealth, long life, and health while attracting positive energies.

Rubber Plants

rubber plant

Rubber plants are considered a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and wealth. The oval-shaped and glossy green leaves of these plants can become as big as 8 to 11 feet indoors. So, plant it in a place with a lot of space filtered, bright sunlight, and moist soil.



This is a very common plant that is symbolized by good luck in gift-giving and different occasions. Gifting people three-leaf and four-leaf clovers are popular ways to wish them good luck.

Morning Glory

morning glory

The early morning blooming of the flowers of this plant brightens the whole summer day. They bring peace and happiness to the home or workplace all day long.


lotus flower

Growing lotus in your garden will be believed to bring luck, positive energy, and prosperity to the grower and the inhabitants of the house. Remember that wilted and dead leaves and flowers shoo away good luck, so always trim them, and maintain the plant.

Spider Plant

spider plant

Spider plants are scientifically proven to purify the air by absorbing electromagnetic radiation, emitted from different gadgets and PC from the air around them. So while improving indoor air quality, these plants are believed to draw positive energy and keep people healthy.


jasmine plant

The beautiful scent of jasmine flowers releases positive vibes, and this plant is said to attract love and money. Grow in a place with high humidity and moist soil.

English Ivy

devils ivy

This is not a tree or a flowering plant, but foliage of green-colored leaves. According to mythology, ivy keeps evil away and brings peace.

12. Rowan Tree

rowan tree

Rowan tree is believed to ward off the evil and evil spirits according to Welsh, Greek, and Norse mythology. This is the reason why many churches grow Rowan trees around them to protect the Holy place.

Wrapping Up

It is quite interesting that plants affect us and our environment in a positive manner, boosting creativity and productivity and adding a natural touch to our spaces. You might or might not believe that plants bring luck and prosperity, but it is a scientific fact that there are benefits to having plants around you.

If you are looking for some good luck plants to enrich your life, either for your indoor or outdoor areas, take a pick from one of the above plants and invite good luck and prosperity into your life.